5 Traits of Best HR and Payroll Systems

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Nowadays, most businesses, especially in Singapore, make the switch to automated, cloud-based payroll system software. With so many HR and payroll applications available today, choosing the right one for your business can be challenging.

However, with the right fit, your business’ productivity will skyrocket, and you will be able to focus on other aspects.

Below are ideas and questions you may find helpful in choosing the best HR and payroll systems.

1. Management of employee profiles and payroll

What forms the foundation of every HR system? database of personnel data. Hard-copy employee files are no longer necessary thanks to a complete and well-integrated and automated payroll software, which also enables you to keep track of information on employment terms, transfers, promotions, skills, goals, KPIs, emergency contacts, etc. in a virtual filing cabinet.

2. Payroll administration

A payroll module’s main function is to process different components of payroll efficiently, including timekeeping and overtime pay rates. Additionally, by integrating your HR and payroll system software together, you can quickly keep track of employee hours and implement changes to scheduling and payment.

3. Automated Documentation

Document management procedures are broad and time-consuming for an organisation’s HR department, and they require attention to avoid problems like misplaced or mismanaged files. By integrating your HR and payroll system software together, these procedures may be made more efficient and the time spent gathering, processing, tracking, and handling the relevant paperwork can be removed. Managing the complicated wage calculations by taking into account basic pay and annual leaves in accordance with Singapore law, can also be made easier.

4. Recruitment procedure and orientation

A crucial but time-consuming aspect of the job is recruiting and onboarding new employees. HR managers need a system that enables them to post job openings on social media and the corporate website, arrange and schedule interviews with prospective employees, narrow down the field of candidates using a skill mapping engine, and, if necessary, transmit papers produced by the system.

You can automate time-consuming tasks, restrict questions about paychecks, speed up the onboarding and hiring process, reduce compliance risks, gather useful information about your employees, and ensure the security of sensitive employee data by implementing these features in your HR and payroll system software.

5. Management of compliance

As the laws governing payroll systems change frequently, it is crucial to have an automated payroll module that is accurate and strictly complies with the law to prevent your organization from being held accountable for breaking the law and suffering penalties. Making compliance management simple for your HR, an excellent payroll module can keep you up to date on latest changes to Singapore law.

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