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Human Resources is very important to any businesses in Singapore. From hiring to resignation, the department is in charge of the workforce’s whole lifecycle. HR must keep track of every phase of an employee’s employment as they move through it. Regardless of the size of the organisation, the entire procedure is tedious and daunting. It requires a significant amount of reporting and documentation. As a result, HR professionals frequently have a lot of work to perform in a short amount of time.

There must be caution in the documenting, monitoring, tracking, and reporting processes. Decisions affecting the business are directly influenced by HR’s findings regarding employee behaviour and productivity from the reports generated. Thus, manual HR procedures could lead to less precise data.

Aline is one the HR software vendors in Singapore that enables Cloud-based systems for small businesses in Singapore. The ability to access data from anywhere is made possible by combining data into a single piece of software. It is hosted on the system provider’s server, so you can view it whenever you want.

Simply said, it provides better and quicker software that is easier to use for your organisation. One of the top things automation helps with is payroll and HR software for small businesses.


3 Benefits of Cloud Based HR System


Keeping employee data on hand

The efficient and secure storing of personnel data is made possible by Aline HRMS. An HR professional can easily handle employee information on the system with the aid of HRMS without wasting much time on papers and it is also an affordable HR software for small businesses in Singapore.

The laborious paperwork and other employee record-keeping tasks, such as maintaining track of employment history, educational background, training certifications, remuneration and benefits, and personal identification documents, are eliminated by HRMS. The HRMS assists in efficiently, reliably, and securely storing all of this system so that the data may be retrieved for administrative needs.

Payroll and hr software for small businesses

Payroll management today goes beyond only handling salary payments. It covers a broad range of tasks that must be done as part of managing employee remuneration. One of the best vendors of HR software in Singapore, Aline HRMS, can efficiently manage all of the employees’ payrolls.

Important HR procedures like salary payments, tax deductions, and leave encashments can be efficiently assisted by Aline HRMS. By streamlining these procedures, Aline HRMS lowers the possibility of mistakes and human errors being made by people while gathering the data.

Time management and attendance

The dedication of the workforce is a key factor in the small businesses’ success. Additionally, the foundation of an employee’s dedication to the organisation is their attendance and time management.

Aline cloud based HR software system provides the small businesses in Singapore with a productive attendance taking. This incredible feature enables HR specialists or managers to monitor an employee’s absences and attendance. Both sides benefit from the simple request processing.

With the aid of this integrated attendance system, managers may easily access the leaves database to determine the total number of leaves that an employee has accrued and, in accordance with the availability, approve or deny the request. The method is transparent because employees can access this technology as well.

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