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Your HRMS should never be a one-size-fits-all software

It should be one that Listens, Understands and Learns your needs

Aline HRMS envisioned the potential of HR automation powered by cloud computing and was inspired to re-invent HRMS with simple-to-implement, cost-efficient and up-to-date relevant features that reflect the latest practices of HRM via a single software platform. It aims to achieve HR-on-the-go with configurable features that are multi-channel, accessible on mobile, simple to use and holistic. While businesses are accustomed to the speed of the market, and HRMS vendors aim to keep up with change or even be ahead of the curve, Aline HRMS recognises the importance of forging a long-term relationship with every client and staying true to our heritage.

Aline HRMS will evolve with the times, but in ways that continue to foster trust and that feel authentic.


Generate professional payslips which are compliant
with government standards with configurable
payment types for all types of staff. Generate professional payslips which are compliant with government standards with configurable payment types for all types of staff.


Invest your time to focus on core HR processes while
Aline helps you stay up-to-date and compliant with
latest government standards and policies.


We value your business needs to the granular level.
Connect with us to learn more about our integrable
systems and how we can customise Aline to your
specific goals.

Aline Leave

Delight your employees with Aline’s easy-to-access mobile leave application system. With hyperconvenient mobile access to apply and approve leave applications, your business reaps time savings
and employee satisfaction. Go paperless with instant attachment of documents with leave applications. Set approval levels and leave
entitlements for various employment arrangements within a click of a button. As Aline takes care of your compliance with relevant authorities on leave matters, your business is poised to invest more on strategic business processes.

Aline Expenses

Automate your paperwork with mobile expenses claim process. Request for supporting documents and paper receipts with just a few clicks without having to nudge them face-to-face. Approved claims are set to be credited to your employees’ salary without having to manually follow-up on their monthly payroll. Create custom reports from all your expenses data to produce actionable insights for strategic business decision making.


Aline HRMS will be able to store all staff critical information to allowthe company to function. Helps the team to keep track of passes thatare going to be expired soon


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