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Employee Database Management Software

Aline is an easy to use software that allows you to easily store all your employee’s database in place so that your team can conveniently retrieve these information from anytime at anywhere.

More than just storing employee’s information, our employee database management software helps you identify upcoming staff birthdays, observe staff passes to ensure automatic CPF contributions and keep track of the status of the staff’s CPF contributions for each tier.

Manage Large Employee Database At Ease

Regardless of your employee’s team size, we can cover a large number of employees designed specifically for various industries. Aline’s employee database management software keeps track of all important employee data, such as their name, address, phone number, onboarding date and makes things easier for both employees and employers.

Store Employee Database Securely

Losing data can be a headache. The sensitive and valuable information contained in HR data may cause legal and commercial issues if it were compromised. Data loss can be a hassle. Fret not, with our Aline’s Employee Database Software Cloud Storage, you can easily store data with peace of mind.

Easy and Quick Access to Database

You can easily access your employees’ data whenever and wherever you want using Aline’s Employee Database Management Software.
Simplify employee data administration with Aline employee database software. Save time, avoid paperwork, and concentrate on what matters.

Historical Data and Filter

Gather and manage information easily from our employee database software. You will have no trouble locating the data you need. Simply choose the necessary fields, and the data will be exported right away.

Manage employee database in a breeze

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