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Payroll System Software for Enterprise in Singapore

Aline is Singapore’s best HR and payroll system. Leverage on our software that enables payroll automation to boost enterprises in Singapore. Easily create payslips, CPFs, and even taxes in a few simple clicks all while adhering to Singapore’s government

Automated Payroll Software

Aline offers the most potent automated payroll software. With the help of this tool, you may create pay slips and compute payroll automatically using a configurable salary and attendance structure for your HR department without any paper.

Spend your time focusing on key HR procedures while Aline keeps you up to speed and in compliance with the most recent regulatory requirements and rules.

Calculate Payroll for You

A very flexible payment formula provided by Aline will assist you in resolving complicated payroll calculations and will also compute CPF for you such that you are only a few clicks away from getting the right amount. Human mistakes can be eliminated by using our automated payroll system software in Singapore.

Save Time and Hassle Free

With our automated payroll software in Singapore, we guarantee that you will pay your employees’ salaries on time, saving you the hassle on payday. We provide employee pay transfer services for all Singapore banks, whether it be a GIRO transfer or the creation of payslips for direct payment.

All-In-One Best HR and Payroll System

We pay close attention to the specific needs of your HR department. Our payroll system software in Singapore will automate the process flow from recording attendance to accounting for leave to eventually delivering payslips using a consolidated cloud system, which reduces the amount of time needed to handle payroll.

Simply push a button to get the final amount rather than creating payslips manually or dealing with the hassle of modifying payment with attendance.

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